Ehsida  spent her early years deep in the woods on a tiny Island in British Columbia. Living without running water, electricity, telephone or computer, her childhood lessons arrived through an intimate understanding of the elements, wild life and fauna. This natural beginning set the tone for a lifetime pursuit of ongoing wholeness, balance and the deeper innocence within all life. 

   After high school Ehsida moved to Long Beach California, and received her degree in design, but felt it did not offer enough room to express herself fully. She moved to Santa Barbara to study art, music, dance, literature and theater.

   With her great interest in electricity and energy, she supported herself as an apprenticing electrician for one year, then as a search and rescue officer at Santa Barbara Harbor until 1985.  During this time Ehsida was a contracted model with La Belle Modeling Agency,  where she also enjoyed teaching self-esteem classes to the newer models. The fulfillment of this work led to the creation of, Tickled Inspirations in 1986. Her company is dedicated to uplifting and inspiring others to live with confidence, inner peace, and reverence for all life everywhere.

   At the age of 27 Ehsida began working as a radio host at Magic 106 in Santa Barbara, and began a short lived career as a stand up comedian, which led to an acting career in Los Angeles, and a theater run with the Copperview Theater Company. Realizing her main passion as a writer, Ehsida co-wrote and co-produced the play “Earths Angels,” which had a successful three month run at the BackStreet Theater in Santa Monica, California.

   Ehsida ventured back to the woods after her “Hollywood” years, spending a great deal of time in meditation. She re-emerged in 1997 in Santa Barbara to expand on Tickled Inspirations, working with people one on one to improve their self-esteem and  way of life. She received her certification in Applied Kinesiology, and Sports Massage, and wrote a self-help column regularly published in the on line paper for The Santa Barbara News Press, called “Dear Ehsida.”

   In 1998 Ehsida moved to Malibu, California and developed a number of techniques to assist clients with a faster and more comfortable means of emotional clearing and self-realization. She wrote the book,  In Search of the Miraculous, to offer these methods on a grander scale, and is currently working on further projects with the intent to bring more love, beauty and harmony into peoples lives.

Ehsida Bisset
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